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About Our 25 Years of Business

Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. has been doing residential and commercial construction as well as renovations of bathrooms and kitchens for over 25 years. Our strength is in our diversity.

Our employees are screened, courteous, experienced and competent, and they understand that they work where you live.

At Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. we meet with customers as many times as needed to determine how to give them what they want, while incorporating changes into the original design if needed, or changing the entire style if desired, all done at a competitive price.

Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. looks at the existing structure and site to insure that new problems aren’t created or existing problems aren’t made worse by the proposed project. We know from years of experience repairing water damage, structural problems and drainage issues just where these situations are likely to occur, and pay special attention to them as we work through a project. We insure that the underlying work is as good as what you can see visually.

We show up when we say we will, start early and stay late to try to minimize the inconvenience to you. Remember, the quality of the finished product is only as good as the time and supervision spent on the job.

Offered Services

All structures need maintenance, and at some point, repairs. Houses today are more an integration of systems, rather than just studs and nails. Changes, whether by owners or from the environment, can affect much more than the obvious. We have found through our years of repairs of all kinds, where the problem areas are, how to properly repair them, and how to avoid them in our larger projects. We have the education, experience and training to recognize and eliminate potential problems, rather than incorporate them into ongoing projects.

From houses built in the early 1900s to recently completed homes, Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. has a wide range of experience over many years of renovating and new construction that include:

We Believe in Building Things Right

Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. has installed thousands of replacement windows and doors, as well as miles of timbers in retaining walls. We have raised roofs, raised buildings, and replaced roofs for entire apartment complexes. Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. does tough jobs that no one else can. Anybody can pass a test and become a contractor; it takes years of experience to become a good one.

Small or large jobs; partial or complete turnkey, Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. integrates code compliance with beauty while maintaining structural integrity to give you the quality you deserve.

Wallace Creech & Company, Inc. can also convert spaces such as:

  • Crawlspaces into Finished Basements
  • Attics into Bedrooms or Bonus Rooms
  • Garages into Dens
  • Vanilla Envelopes into Retail Commercial Space

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